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MODERNO Genuine Leather Bracelet

MODERNO Genuine Leather Bracelet

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Be current with times and style with MODERNO..

The modern Genuine Leather weave and stainless steel closure make this bracelet versatile one and it is loved by boys and girls alike .. Pair it  with a watch, stack it up with your existing bracelets or wear it just by itself,  you will love it every which way it looks on you..

Sincere, Honest, Real.. Get one for you and one for your special person..



  • It is made of Genuine Leather and measures 8 and half Inch Long and half Inch Thick.
  • The stainless steel closure lends it a neat and clean, modern appeal.
  • Slide the Stainless Steel clasp up to open the bracelet to wear, or just glide it easily on to the wrist without even opening the closure. 
  • It comes in Black.
  • It comes in Gift Pouch for gift giving, each sold separately.
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