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North Edge Men's outdoor sports waterproof intelligent diving computer watch altitude pressure compass temperature electronic watch

North Edge Men's outdoor sports waterproof intelligent diving computer watch altitude pressure compass temperature electronic watch

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brand:  NORTH EDGE

model:  AQUA

Article No:  AQUA

Time to market:  2021

Applicable platform:  Fully compatible

Source category:  goods in stock

intended for:  Popular; fashion; adult

Screen size:1.46 in;

camera: nothing

Body memory:  0

Screen material:  Toughened glass

Wearing method:  Wrist strap type

Compatible systems:  Fully compatible

Communication function:  I won't support it

Menu Language:  English

Additional Features:  22783252795

Wireless distance:  nothing

Battery capacity:  5800mAh

Operation mode:  Push-button

Product size:  48mm

Wrist strap material:rubber;

Product weight:  64 (g)

Processing customization:  yes

Processing method:  OEM

Fastest shipping time:  1-3 days

Support mixed batch:  support

Whether to support a consignment:  support

invoice:  No invoice

after-sale service:  National joint insurance

Packing list:  Watch+manual+warranty card

Version Type:  Chinese Mainland 

Watch strap style:  Sporty  

function:  waterproof

Color classification:  black

colour:  Black; white dial

Communication type:  Non pluggable card

Mold Type:  Private model

Only replace; not repair:  I won't support it

The products in our store do not support self use retail. Please do not take orders from individual customers. Those who take orders by themselves have no after-sales service. Once sold; they cannot be returned or replaced
If you need to use the credit function; please contact the customer service to change the price before placing an order. You need to charge 1% of the platform fee

Appearance patent: 202230647515.6
Focus on the industrial development of outdoor sports watches
Kewangwang; telephone; directly contact the agency! Thank you for your support!!!
If you are entering the store for the first time; please click here → →
The whole process from design to production is in accordance with ISO2000 standards;
NORTH EDGE trademark has been registered in various countries (including developed countries in Europe; Southeast Asia; etc.)
And long-term global recruitment of overseas platform distributors. For cross-border e-commerce
(AliExpress; Amazon; WISH; Ebay; LAZADA; etc.) Taobao merchants; WeChat supply market
We provide high-quality goods and Taobao data packages; which can be delivered one by one without any worries after sales;
Strive to create good quality; affordable price and quality service; and provide one-stop procurement;
It is an excellent choice for cross-border e-commerce agents; Taobao online shopping channels; and college students to start their own businesses
1. Free franchise: no franchise fee or deposit is required
2. Supply support: the store's funds support cross-border channels and domestic websites to ensure that there is no shortage of goods
3. Price support: distribution price will be given to those who apply for agency
Support 7-day replacement+1-year warranty; making your shopping more secure!
Store link:
-----------------------Please contact customer service for more services------------------------
Hotline: 13779931008
All employees of NORTH EDGE will serve you wholeheartedly

1. Storage: Please place this product in a cool place; and do not put it in a dangerous environment;
Heavy pressure; high temperature; low temperature; high humidity; easy to fall and hit
2. Do not disassemble the case by yourself
3. After use: especially after underwater or sea water use; please be sure to use clear water for the product
Soak and wash. The cleaning method is:
(1) Remove the watch from your hand; gently grasp the strap and put the whole product into the water
(2) After soaking in water for about three to five minutes; gently shake it in water to let clear water flow into the slit to clean the salt
(3) If there are obvious stains; gently rub them with your hands
(4) Do not knock and strike in the water
(5) Do not use strong water column for flushing
(6) Do not use any cleaning solvent other than clean water
(7) After cleaning; put it back on your hands or in a cool place
1. Storage: please place the product in a cool place;  do not place in 
dangerous environment;  extrusion;  pressure;  high temperature;  low 
temperature;  high humidity;  easy to fall;  hard hit;  etc. .
2. Do not remove the watchcase by yourself
3. After use: especially after use under water or sea water;  be sure to 
use clean water to soak and rinse. The cleaning method is:
 remove the watch from the hand;  gently grasp the strap and place 
the entire product in the water.
 Soak in water for about three to five minutes;  then shake gently. 
Let the water flow into the slit to clean the salt.
 If there are obvious stains;  gently rub with your hands.
 Do Not Bang in the Water.
 Do not use a strong water column.
 Do not use any cleaning solvent other than water.
 After cleaning;  put it back on your hand or put it in a cool place.

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